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Monday, November 7, 2011


I have yet to figure out what it is that get me thinking about things.  It's like there is a switch in my brain that gets flipped on and my mind is off to the races.  I can spend hours thinking about the weirdest stuff and not know why I started thinking about it.  I hope this happens to everyone and I'm not a nut job.  Today's thought started about work and pondering if I really am happy doing what I do.  The thought grew as I let it expand until it became:  Am I doing what I was created to do?

It's funny that a thought that started as, am I happy doing this job became the deepest spiritual thought that I have ever had.  I don't know if I can ever really answer my question at least not on this side of heaven.  I am guessing the answer I seek can only be given to me by the one who created me.  This is the part where I am happy to say that I was created by a loving God who knows my name and is a part of every aspect of my life.  There is no place I can go where He is not.  But I will admit I have attempted to hide from my creator on several occasions.  It has never worked....

As far as the job thing, I am not sure it really matters if I am super happy doing what I do, it's just a job and since this life is temporary I guess it will do for now.  I do also know this I don't care if my headstone says I was a hard worker; I am striving for good husband and father.

So how do I find out or figure out if I am being what I was created to be?  I pray...I do wish God would just send me a letter or email that says what He wants from me.  It sure would make things easier!  I don't think God's plan is to make my life easier, I think he wants me to struggle some with the tough questions.  So my prayer has changed into a daily reminder that God created me and I am his to do with as He wishes.  I think I am learning that it's not for me to know if I am being what God created me to be, but to be willing to follow where ever he leads.  So I guess it's ok to not know all the answers....just be ready and willing to follow.


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