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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growth and mountains

Growth hurts!  It is painful to grow, and while growth is part of life it can suck!  I think this is true on all parts of our lives.  Weather growth is physical, mental or spiritual it can cause pain and discomfort.  I am finding myself in a season of spiritual growth and am finding it uncomfortable.  I am so wanting a time on the mountain a time when things are easy and faith is abundant.  But instead I find myself in a valley looking up and asking questions.  I have asked God to take me back to the mountain and let me rest.  I know if it's God's will that's what will happen.  Not much growth happens while on the mountains.  I guess that's why there are no tall trees on the top of the mountain.  I have a mountain climber friend who talks about how great it is to get up so high you are looking down on the trees and get to be above it all.

I have preached 2 sermons in my life.  I won't say the name of the church to save them the embarrassment of having to admit I preached the message (twice).  One of the my sermons was on staying up when you're knocked down.  I am finding it hard to live the message. God does not want us to worry and we were created by God for God.  That's just a small part of the message.  That's the part I'm having troubles with.  I know God is in control, there is no place I can go where He is not.  But it's hard to live this. When life gets yucky, it's easy to want to take back the control that's not yours to begin with.  I will continue to pray that God's will be done in my life. I am His creation; He has paid for me with blood.  So while it would be great to live on the mountain for a while, to rest and take it easy, I know the true growth is being in the valley where I am now.


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