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Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 24th 1995

As I walked through the doors into Salem Hospital I was as nervous as I had ever been in my life.  I kept thinking to myself, this is crazy my whole life is about to change.  I don't know how to be a father, and at some point today I will become a dad.  Maybe the doctor was wrong, maybe today isn't the day.  But we were there as scheduled by the doctor.  It was time to induce labor, Doc says the boy's got to come out and today is the day.

So in we go, Melissa is put in a bed and hooked up to the liquid that will induce labor.  Me I just pace around the room trying not to freek out and wanting to be supportive.  The first hour passes with minimal issues, but the promised labor is not happening.  Hours two and three go by slow as well, still nothing.  Melissa is slowly becoming less fun to be around, she isn't laughing at my jokes any more.  She seams to be getting more serious about this child bearing thing.  Hours four through six are painfully boring for me and At this time Melissa is really not fun to be around, The magic drugs are working some but not enough to really get the ball rolling.  More hours slowly, painfully go by, things are not working as they should.  The nurses are in and out checking things, making sure mom and baby are doing ok.  At one point the doctor comes in the room with a plastic hook thingy and hands it to me "hold on to this, you will need it soon".  I ask "what is this thing"?  the reply "it's the tool your going to use to break the water and get this party going"   "Ummm  NO"  I don't think that's a good plan.  It turned out after an exam things were going any where our doctor called for a consult and it was decided that a C section was needed to get Vincent out.  At this point Melissa had been in labor for about 11 hours with nothing really moving along.

So within a few minutes of the decision to do the cesarean Melissa was wheeled out of the room and I was left alone.  After a few moments a nurse came in the room with a pair of scrubs for me to wear.  I changed and the nurse had me sit in a wheel chair.  I protested and said I could walk just fine.  She informed me that she was not allowing me in the ER and having me pass out, sit down!  I follow her directive and she wheels me into the ER.  If I was nervous walking into the hospital, I am now in full on panic mode.  The surgeon tells us, all will be fine, it wont be long now.  With in 15 minutes, I hear the nurses and surgeon and our family doctor saying how good he looks and he has red hair.  My son, they are talking about my son, fear is now replaced with and intense longing....I want my boy!  They hold him up so I can see him, YUCKY!  OK, I want him after you clean him off.  I hear him crying, that's a good thing!  The surgeon says all went well everything will be fine.

Finally after what felt like an eternity a nurse hands me my son.  I cradle this small child in my hands, holding him so Melissa in her drug induced state can see her son.  I never wanted to let go.  This is my child, a part of me and part of his mother.  The nurse says she needs to take Vincent for some standard tests and then we can have him back.  It felt like I had only held my boy for a few seconds but it had been 20 minutes.  I had the boy over and go with the nurse to get the official measurements.  During this process my mom would first see her first grand child.  As I looking Vincent over good counting fingers and toes, every thing seams perfect, his right thumb is normal that bums me out.

After all the tests were done we were moved into a room where we could be together and have family come see us.  After several family members stopped by to say hi and congratulate us, it was just the three of us.  I sat for hours holding my son, feeling like this was why I was created.  This was one of the most special times in my life.  I write this to share my story with anyone who would want to read it.  I write it because Vincent turned 16 two days ago.   June 24th 1995 my son Vincent Joseph Garner was born and radically changed my life.  I love this boy very much, he is my son!  I strive to be a good father, to teach him what is true.  To help him grow in his faith, as he becomes a Godly man.  I can't believe he's 16 already, those year flew by.

Father God, thank you for blessing me with a son.  I will try to be worthy of this blessing.  And to my wife Melissa sorry for all the times in the hospital when I pushed the button on your PSA pump so I could laugh as you got all drugged up.  I was fun to watch!!

And just a FYI...Vince is doing great, he is working this summer for the YMCA at a summer camp and is having fun.  He is growing fast into a Godly man.  I pray today as I did the day he was born for the girl he will eventually marry.  I pray that God protects her and keeps her safe and that she will grow into the Godly woman who will one day marry my son.

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